Canine Questionnaire

This form helps me get a better understanding of your needs. This form takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Dog Information

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Human Information

Medical Information

Does your dog have any known health issues?
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Is your dog currently on any medications?
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Please select all vaccinations that is current with.
Briefly describe your dogs behavior at the veterinary hospital
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Do you have other animals in the home?
Is your dog crate trained?
Does your dog like to be in thier crate?
Do you have other humans in the home?
How many times a day do you feed your dog?
Do you give your dog treats?
Does your dog get "table scraps" or people food?
Please describe a typical 24-hour period in your dog's life
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Where and at what age did you acquire your dog?
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Does your dog urinate/defecate in the house?
How does your dog act when strangers come to the house?
On walks, how is your dog on a leash?
How does your dog act when he meets or passes strangers away from the house?
How does your dog act when he meets strange dogs?
Does your dog behave differently out in public vs at home?
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Is your dog comfortable in crowds?
Does your dog cower or run away if people talk loudly or act boisterously?
Is your dog frightened excessively by any noise?
Does your dog socialize with other animals?
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Does your dog have a bite history with people or other animals?
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Does your dog bark excessively?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Do you exercise your dog?
Do you play with your dog?
Does your dog get overly excited?
Does your dog demand to be petted?
Does your dog ever seem irritated by or resent petting?
Does your dog chase any of the following?


Has your dog had any professional training?
Please list any known current obstacles you feel that you have had in training with your dog
Are there situations where your dog is less likely to obey given commands
Which of the following does your dog do willingly?
What type of equipment do you use with your dog?
What types of reward does your dog respond to?